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If you want to join the Prepuppy classes for puppies 8 to 12 weeks of age. Contact Sue or Pam on 0437508477 outside of office hours to book.

For all other handlers with puppies over 12 weeks and dogs over 6 months you need to register online on this website.

To Register you need to

  • 1.        Join online on the Moorabbin Obedience Dog Club website go to the MEMBERSHIP TAB, choose the membership category and click on the NEXT button,
  • 2.       Complete the rest of the form and follow the prompts.
  • 3.        The club is situated at G R Bricker Reserve, Rowans Road, Moorabbin, next to the football oval.
  • 4.       Go to the  office
  • 5.        Bring and present your dog’s vaccination certificate (a minimum of a C5 vaccination is required).  This is an annual requirement.
  • 6.       You will be given your membership badge which has to be worn each time you attend and train.
  • 7.       Classes will start after registrations are finalised.

Please bring to your class, a collar and lead and lots of small soft dog treats and a favourite toy.


Handlers with Puppies between 12 weeks & 6 months of age
  • To complete the registration process before Classes commence arrive at the Club by 10.30am on Sunday morning to show your dog's vaccination; your First Day Class will be at 11.00am. Your class for puppies will be assigned to you at the end of the First Day Class.
Handlers with dogs older than 6 months
  • To complete the registration process before Classes commence arrive at the Club by 10.30am on Sunday morning to show your dog's vaccination; your First Day Class will be at 11.00am.

First Day 

Your membership registration is not complete (our system will show your membership is "Pending")  until you have shown the vaccination certificate for each dog you intend to train at the club. A minimum of C5 is required. On your first day you should head to the Office and show the vaccination certificate(s) so we can complete your membership approval.

On Sunday, all new members will join the First Day Class at 11.00am. You must present your vaccination certificate for each dog your train at the Club, we suggest you head to the office by 10.30am if you have registered online. If you have not registered on-line please come at 10.00am. After the First Day Class you will be advised the time of your future classes.

Once you have completed registration, we invite you and your dog into the Clubrooms for an information session, followed by an introductory class. Dogs are permitted into the Clubrooms on the first day only.

There will be no First Day classes on Wednesday nights.


We sell a good range of leather leads at very low prices. We can advise you on what would best suit your dog.


Club Rules

A full set of rules is included in the information pack when you join. Some of the most important rules are as follows:-

  • Membership badges must be worn when attending classes. A replacement "day pass" may be obtained from the office for a nominal fee.
  • Be on time for your class, make sure you are at the grounds ready for class at least 10 minutes before class starts.
  • Bitches in season and sick or injured dogs are not allowed on the training grounds.
  • Dogs must be on lead at all times, except when engaged in off lead exercises with an instructor present.
  • Dog droppings must be picked up immediately. Buckets and bags are provided for this purpose.
  • Smoking is not permitted in classes or in the clubhouse.
  • Children are welcome to train once they are 10 years old.
  • Dogs that are tethered must not be approached, for safety reasons.
  • Training will be cancelled when the temperature reaches 30°C.
  • Dog abuse is not permitted under any circumstances

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